Two houses, two styles, two ways of living the city

Casa del Lord, overlooking the Piazza della Signoria, goes back to the Grand Tour and the atmosphere of the novel "Room with a view". In this place where time never seems to be, you can imagine being a Gentleman or an English mid-eighteenth-century Lady, visiting Italy to admire the artistic masterpieces that can only be admired in Florence.
The coffees and the historic shops near  the house help even more in the imitation.
From the windows of Casa del Lord you can be accomplices witnesses to the quiet Florentine night and admire the unique spectacle of David's statue kissed by the rays of the first sunrise.

Casa d'Artista faces the roofs of a less aristocratic and Bohemian-style Florence, perhaps even more fascinating.
From its large windows you can see the Brunelleschi Dome twinkling with its imposing mass on the city and you can see the Fiesole heights as a background.
Inspired by the magic of this place, fantasy goes and it is easy to imagine of being in the study of an artist who intends to study the masterpieces of the past and to draw inspiration for his future works.
Leather, raw wood, linen .. All the finishing materials used are typically tuscan and have been used with wisdom to create a strong bond between the house and the territory that hosts it.

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